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Having a website seems pretty straight-forward, but It’s more than having a website that looks good. It needs harmony of functionality to psychology and a crap ton of things in between. Losing sight of this big picture is something even experienced web designers can let happen.

At fitcode we don't forget this. In fact, we built our whole unique process around what we passionately refer to the Clicks-To-Clients Journey.

fitness website design process

If you focus too heavily on any one of these three areas above, your website isn't going to perform the way you want it to. As gym owners and fit pros, this is even more crucial to your online success as you try to stand out in a crowded market.

We're here to help you get your website driving revenue to your bottom line, convert clients, and change their lives.

Fitness Website Design & Development

Just like you with your clients and members, our business is built on relationships – it sounds cliché, but it’s true. We believe that our growth and business success comes from a true partnership with measurable results.

We don't take the investment in your fitness website and online marketing lightly.  

We have the ambition of being known as the best fitness website developers in the country.  The right fitness marketing agency can make or break your business - that's why we can say we're the last fitness developer you'll need to book a call with.

Our goal is simple: provide hand-crafted services that blow your expectations out of the water while being accessible, innovative and delivering a great return on your investment!

We stay up on modern design trends while also ensuring your site is easy-to use with an intuitive user experience so you can focus more time running your business.

So why us? Because we've been on your path as business owners...

  • In-Person ➡️ Hybrid Online
    ➡️ Micro-Gym ➡️ Online-Only

Our Clicks-To-Clients development process focuses on generating leads from any device and at blazing-fast speeds!

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Fitness Website Design niches

Fitcode, as a company, started in 2020, but we've been developing websites for over 10+ years. Now that we've niched down we focus on the following specialities:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym Owners
  • Mixed Martial Arts Gyms
  • Jiu Jitsu Academies
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Fitness Studios
  • Holistic Health Clinics
  • Nutritionists
  • Online Fitness Coaches
  • Food Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Life Coaches
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Why choose us for fitness website design?

If you're looking for cookie-cutter design templates that we'll slap together in a few hours, you should go find another fitness website developer. We focus on beautiful, clean, and fit code balanced with state-of-art design optimization practices. 🎨

Fitness Website Design

With a decade of design & dev experience under our belts, we launched fitcode in 2020. Serving our favorite niche and one we're most passionate about because we've been trainers and micro gym owners.


Revenue-First Design

From the ground up, we design fitness websites with conversions top-of-mind. In other words, functionality will trump beauty, but blow your competition out of the water either way. 🔨

Cut From The Same Cloth

We know your struggles and your KPIs, because we've walked in your shoes and we won't recommend anything that doesn't make sense for your current monthly revenue and increase your bottom line.

What Our Fit Pros Say

I highly recommend fitcode! I’m very satisfied with the quality of the gym web design and customer service. It’s nice that people like Micah exist: professional, fast, understands your vision and then produces something even better than you envisioned in your mind initially.

On top of all of that, he has been there to continually update my website when needed.
Ryan client of Web Design Danville IL
Micah is very knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and thorough.

He answered all of my questions and dramatically improved my website.

Highly recommend!
Ryan client of Web Design Danville IL
Mickensy Ellis-White
Excellent website developer. Their dedication and attention to detail is unmatched.

Works daily to deliver concepts that move the needle of experiences for customers and products.
Ryan client of Web Design Danville IL
Preston Neubert
Micah has been wonderful to work with and our consultations have been constructive and creative. Working with fitcode has given me step by step tools to succeed in the online world.

Not to mention the amazing website!! 10/10 recommend.
Ryan client of Web Design Danville IL

Fitness Website Design Pricing

"How much is a website?" is our most common question and is similar to when a prospect asks you "How long will it take me to hit 150 pounds?"...

There are too many variables to give a quick answer in both scenarios, but you can use the scale below as a reference point.

An even better option would be to use our fitness website calculator and save your quote!

Complex Design, Animations & Multiple Integrations
Simple Design
& Calendar Integration

Fitness Website Developer Integrations

Fitness Website Design


How much do you charge to build a website?
How long will it take to complete my website?
Do I have to be in Illinois to work with you?
Will I be able to update the site myself when it’s finished?
What is the difference in your various website packages?
Will you maintain our website for us?
Do you provide website hosting and domain?
Will my website be mobile-friendly?
How much input do I have in the website design process?
Who writes the text/content for the website?

Do you only create fitness Webflow websites?

What if I need help on my site down the road?

Is SEO included in my fitness website development?

Do you work with new gyms and personal trainers?
What is photo sourcing?
What forms of payments do you accept?
How do we get started?

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